Monday, December 26, 2011

My Very First Giveaway & Turning Your Christmas Cards Into a Keepsake

Every Christmas for the past twelve years I have turned our holiday greeting cards into beautiful
keepsakes like this.  Would you like one of your own?

Now I know you might be thinking, "Isn't this a food blog?"  See that little hole?  See the crease over "Happy"?  This ornament is truly what the dog ate!  Yup.  My innocent looking mascot ate that very ornament many moons ago. 
And so this year, in honor of Blue's 10th birthday, I'd like to show you how to make these keepsakes; I know them as Euclid's Ornament. 

Also, I am offering one lucky reader the chance to have one made for you.  If you are interested in winning, just leave a comment below.  You can earn an extra entry by tweeting about this and mentioning so in the comments section.  And, you can earn one more extra entry by mentioning this on your Facebook page, and saying so below in the comments section. 

Here's what I'm offering:  One (1) randomly chosen winner will get a self-addressed stamped envelope in which to send me no more than 20 of your standard sized holiday cards.  I will take your holiday cards and turn them into one of these keepsakes.  Finally, I will mail you back your finished ornament.  Only people in the continental United States please.  This contest is open until January 8, 2012 at 11:59 P.M.  P.S.T. 

In case you don't trust me to not feed your holiday cards to my dog, here's how you can make one of these lovely keepsakes yourself.

Begin by using a template to trace circles on the back of the portion of the card your wish to preserve.  My template is 6 centimeters in diameter.
You'll need twenty circles in all.

Trace all of your circles first.

I try to capture sweet, little vignettes.

I always try to get a few words and phrases too.

Now cut out all of your circles.

After you have all your circles cut out, you can toss the remains in the recycle bin.

Now lets pause for a moment and talk about Christmas Cards versus Photo Greetings.  When I first started making these a decade ago, I had a wide selection of cards to choose from.  Now I'm lucky if I make it to twenty actual cards. Now Photo Greetings fill our home.  While I love seeing how friends and families grow and change throughout the years, I miss my Christmas Cards.  Do you have feelings on this subject?

The next step is to score equilateral triangles onto the back of each circle.  My triangle has sides of about 6.4 centimeters in length.  Go easy with that x-acto knife.  You just want to score the back of the card, not cut it. 

Now use that score to fold up the sides.

At this point, the triangles get glued together.  I find it best to use a paint brush to paint on the glue.  I just use regular old white glue.  The top and bottom of the sphere take five pieces, while the middle section uses ten pieces.

For the top and bottom sections, all the triangles point toward each other.   
Tah dah!  Do the same with five more for the bottom.

The remaining ten pieces are fitted together to make the middle.  The pieces alternate; point up, point down, point up, point down, etc...When the middle ten pieces are all glued together, just wrap it around, and glue the beginning to the end.

Now the top, middle, and bottom are all ready to be glued together.
Clips help it all stay together until the glue dries.

And there you go!  Now remember to comment below if you'd like a chance for me to make one of these for you.


  1. These are really cute!! Great Idea :)

  2. Well, Kathy B, it looks like you are the winner! Please click on the "About" section and contact me via e-mail. Congratulations!

  3. Looks like fun. I think I recognize those fingers! Thanks for bloging about this. Will post on my facebook page too!

  4. Thanks for the shout out. Do you save your Cards? Let me know if I can make one for you. See you soon. Hugs and kisses!


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